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High quality mat and chair yoga instruction for general, corporate, aged care and school settings.

What's New?
  • Chair Yoga Teacher Training - See Events and Training Page​
  • ​Gentle Yoga has relocated to Chifley Community Room in term 2
  • ​Frontline yoga starts in term 2
  • ​Earth workshop on 2 May - See Events and Training Page - BOOKINGS REQUIRED
  • ​Fire workshop on 6 June - See Events and Training Page - BOOKINGS REQUIRED

Class Types 
Flow Yoga (drop in - 1 hour) 
Flow yoga combines classic yoga postures with vinyasas to warm the body and create a flowing practice. This class includes standing and floor sequences to benefit the entire body, improve strength, balance, flexibility and assist well being. Each class commences with centering and a warm up and ends with breath practice and a guided relaxation.
Core Yoga (drop in - 1 hour) 
Core yoga is a blend of yoga and pilates postures designed to improve strength, flexibility and well being. The practice increases awareness of the posture and the breath, benefit ng people who spend long periods sitting, as well as people wishing to address stress or tension. Each class commences with centering and a warm up and ends with breath practice and a guided relaxation. 
Chair Yoga (drop in - 1 hour) 
Chair Yoga is a gentle form of seated yoga that allows people of all ages, levels of fitness and experience to participate in and enjoy the benefits of yoga practice. 
This practice is suitable for people recovering from illness or injury, those with a lack of mobility or poor balance and people looking for gentle exercise. Each class commences with centering and a warm up and ends with breath practice and a guided relaxation. 
Gentle Yoga (drop in - 1 hour)
Gentle Yoga is a restorative practice blending chair and mat postures. This practice is perfect for beginners or people looking for a slower practice. Each class commences with centering and a warm up and ends with breath practice and a guided relaxation. 
Ayurveda Consultations (by appointment - 1 hour)
One hour consultations provide an opportunity to understand your constitution or 'dosha' and how your wellbeing can be enhanced through practice, lifestyle and nutrition changes. 

Family Yoga (drop in - 45 minutes)
Children and parents practicing together. Learning yoga, mindfulness and life skills through fun, games and imagination.

Mindfulness/Meditation (term course - 45 minutes)
A range of mindfulness and meditation techniques that can be applied in many life situations to improve focus and wellbeing.

Yin Yoga (drop in - 1 hour) 
A slow and cooling form of yoga where postures are held from 1 to 5 minutes. Yin postures apply gentle stress to the joints and connective tissues, aiming to increase circulation, flexibility and health in the joints.

Frontline Yoga  (drop in - 1 hour)

A free class for frontline guardians and their supporters. Trauma sensitive class that is suitable for those with stress, anxiety and PTSD. Focuses on developing mental and physical strength. Suitable for all levels. Proudly supported by WCCC.

Term 2 2017 Classes

Weston Creek Community Centre (Parkinson St Weston)
​Chifley Community Room (Maclaurin Cres Chifley)

​Drop in classes - no bookings needed

Core Yoga - WCCC Hall
MONDAY 7.45-8.45pm 24/4 - 19/6

Gentle Yoga - Chifley
WEDNESDAY 3-4pm 26/4 - 21/6

Flow Yoga - WCCC Hall
THURSDAY 5.45-6.45pm 27/4 - 22/6

Yin Yoga - WCCC Hall
THURSDAY 7-8pm 27/4 - 22/6 (bring a mat, blanket, cushion/bolster)

Chair Yoga - WCCC MR1
SATURDAY 9.30-10.30am 29/4 - 24/6

​Frontline Yoga - WCCC Hall
SATURDAY 11am-12noon 29/4 - 24/6 (free for frontline guardians - bring a mat) Sponsored by WCCC

Family Yoga - WCCC Hall
SATURDAY 3-3.45pm 29/4 and 27/5

Mindfulness and Meditation runs again in term 4, 2017

Other classes in schools, corporate settings and nursing homes are for specific groups and are offerred in school terms.
Contact me if you want classes in your setting.

For information about classes or for bookings,
please contact Robyn (0432 778 271) or robyn@yogaenlightenment.com.au

Ayurvedic Consultations by appointment. 
Please see information sheet for details.
About your teacher
Qualifications: Dip T/B Ed (Specialist Physical Education)
Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Trinity Yoga)
Chair Yoga
(Knoff Yoga)
Core Yoga (Trinity Yoga)
Ayurveda (Trinity Yoga)
Children's Yoga (Rainbow Kids)
​Yin Yoga (IYTA)
Mindfulness and Meditation (Flourish)
Easy Moves for Active Ageing
​Registered NDIS Provider
Member Yoga Australia - Level 2 (Executive Committee)
Fully insured (Insurance House Pty Ltd)
Current First Aid Certificate/CPR
WWVP/National Criminal History Check
ABN: 79 679 286 068 
1 hour classes
$12 per class (general)
$10 per class (concession: seniors 65+ /full time students)
​$20 workshops
5 class pass $50/$40 (can be used for all classes - no end date)
Family Yoga
$8 per person/$20 per family (capped)
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